Increase revenue by serving more patients without dental insurance

Offer a monthly Health Assurance membership plan to your patients who don't have dental insurance.

  • Earn higher revenue per patient
  • Keep your schedule full
  • Help patients without insurance get the care they need

Watch how Health Assurance can help you grow a more profitable practice

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Get an in-depth video demonstration of how Health Assurance works

See Health Assurance in action and learn why it's one of the best ways for growing your dental practice and increasing revenue per patient.

With Health Assurance, we are strategically growing a more profitable and easy to manage practice within our practice.

J Renken, DDS

I love health assurance because uninsured patients are finally open to prevention care because they don't have to worry about confusing costs. They aren't denying needed films and fluoride treatment that will keep them healthy!

Trista S., Dental Hygienist

Offering a membership plan will increase revenue and case acceptance rates

82% of people without insurance don't visit the dentist. Offering a membership plan opens your practice to a large pool of patients who might not consider your care otherwise.

Reach a new group of patients

Many patients don't visit the dentist because of financial reasons, especially when they don't have insurance. Offering a membership plan makes regular care more realistic for them and opens your practice up to a large pool of new patients.

Increase long-term revenue

Membership discounts encourage patients to schedule regular appointments to take full advantage of benefits. Increased revenue from regular appointments will quickly outpace the small discounts.

Increase case acceptance

Patients without insurance tend to feel they're being penalized by having to pay "full price". A membership plan provides more financial options so patients can focus on accepting the care they need.

Get everything you need to run a membership program at your dental practice

(And have your patients pay you every month instead of an insurance company)

You control your own membership pricing and benefits

  • Sell membership subscriptions online—no IT help needed
  • Get a editable membership sales page with a professional design
  • Customize your membership plan benefits
  • Create multiple membership plans at different prices
  • Look up memberships on the website
  • Set memberships to auto-renew using credit card payments
  • Send automatic billing email notifications for your members
  • Optionally offer coupons for membership plan fees
  • Provide a downloadable membership card to members
  • View membership earnings and member sign-up reports
  • Enter new memberships and edit existing memberships manually
  • Get a customizable and printable membership brochure template

I like presenting care to our Health Assurance patients because they immediately see the benefits. I feel like I'm actually making it easy for them to get to health.

Lauren P., Dental Assistant

Being on a fixed income is tough. I like that we finally have a simple way for seniors to stay healthy and cared for - and the cost is simple and clear for them.

Laura S., Dental Administrator

I like Health Assurance because my administrative team doesn't have to spend any time on paperwork trying to keep up with our membership plan. And renewal finally happens automatically.

Alicia J., Office Manager

I feel like dental emergencies are tough for uninsured patients because of the surprise expense. Health Assurance gives them a way out of the cycle of one painful emergency after another over the years.

Natalie P., Dental Assistant

Watch how Health Assurance solved key
issues in our dental practice

How to have your membership plan running in 15 minutes:

  1. Purchase your Health Assurance account

  2. Log in and connect your account

  3. Customize your membership plans and sales page

  4. Display your membership brochure and tell patients about the membership plan in your office

Grow your dental practice by serving the people who need care most. Offer a Health Assurance membership to patients without insurance.

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