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Better dental benefits made affordable for everyone

Join a dental subscription plan to get affordable care without insurance or add benefits to your current dental insurance.

Better dental benefits, no surprise bills

Get Affordable Dental Care without Insurance

You deserve great dental care. Until now, dental care has been expensive or uncertain—dental insurance isn't always available, and even if it is, the coverage is unclear.

A Health Assurance subscription is different from insurance. Pay your dentist directly and get affordable care. And the best part? It's open to everyone.

With Health Assurance, your dentist decides what's covered in each plan. This way, you get coverage that fits you best, and there's no middleman deciding what care you can get.

Get New Benefits Your Insurance Doesn't Offer

Sometimes you need care that insurance doesn't cover. Your dentist can offer additional plans to fill in coverage gaps or make cosmetic and elective care more affordable.

Health Assurance Dental Insurance
No annual maximums
No waiting periods
No claims process
Coverage tailored to your needs
Pay your dentist directly
Cosmetic and elective care coverage If your dentist includes it
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Go to the Dentist without Worrying about How Much It
Will Cost

Get benefits just like you'd get with insurance, but without all the usual hassles like unclear coverage, confusing claims, and surprise bills for services you thought would be covered.

Join your dentist's Health Assurance subscription and you'll always have a clear list of what your benefits are and what your expenses will be. Get clear dental benefits. Not surprise bills.

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Need Help? Just Talk to Your Dentist, Not a Third Party

No more fighting insurance companies to get the care you need. With a Health Assurance subscription, you just talk to your dentist and no one else.

At Health Assurance, we believe in relationships between patients and care providers, and we stay out of the way. So if you have a question or need help, just call your dentist.

Participating Dentists

Don't see your dentist? Ask them about offering Health Assurance.

Map of U.S. states showing participating dentists in Illinois and Texas


Renken Dentistry Springfield

2801 Mansion Road, Springfield, IL 62711
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Schön Dental

2809 Mansion Rd, Suite D, Springfield, IL 62711
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Renken Dentistry Crystal Falls

1825 Crystal Falls Parkway, Suite 130, Leander, TX 78641
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Renken Dentistry Georgetown

5725 Williams Drive, Suite 101, Georgetown, TX 78633
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