Grow health and profit in your practice with Health Assurance

I like presenting care to our Health Assurance patients because they immediately see the benefits. I feel like I'm actually making it easy for them to get to health.

Lauren P., Dental Assistant

Basic Plan

  • 1 Primary Membership Plan
  • $49/mo Subscription
  • Plus 2% of membership fees

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Grow Plan

  • 3 Primary Membership Plans
  • $199/mo Subscription
  • Plus 1% of membership fees

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Pro Plan

  • 3 Primary & Unlimited Additional Membership Plans
  • $299/mo Subscription
  • No additional fees

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All plans require a Stripe account, which charges a 2.9% + 30¢ credit card processing fee when your patients pay for their Health Assurance membership at your practice.

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Learn how each plan benefits your patients, team, and practice

Basic Plan

Grow Plan

Pro Plan


Join a membership plan to get regular care without dental insurance.

Select from several membership plans customized by the practice to fit the patients’ needs best.

Select from a wide variety of membership plans customized by the practice to fit the patients’ needs best.

Dental Team

Get a membership plan up and running quickly.

Manage and check membership status, process payments, and automatically renew.

Get several membership plans up and running quickly.

Manage and check membership status, process payments, and automatically renew.

Customize membership plans to provide the care in a way that fits your patients’ needs and budgets.

Manage several specialized membership plans without any additional effort.


Start a membership program without an up-front investment.

After you’ve gained around 100 members, upgrade to reduce monthly expenses for running your membership plan.

Build special memberships that help patients choose the enhanced services you offer, like implants or cosmetics, and create family, VIP, neighborhood, and senior plans.


Basic Plan

Grow Plan

Pro Plan

Editable membership sales website
Customize plan benefits, pricing, and duration
Printed membership program brochures
Downloadable membership cards
Accept credit card payments
Automatic membership billing email notifications
Unlimited patients can join your Health Assurance plans
Includes eSignature patient contract, valid for all 50 states
Offer multiple primary care membership plans
Offer additional benefit membership plans
Legal review for using Health Assurance in your state

Common Questions

How do I tell patients about this new offering?

When you sign up we’ll send you Health Assurance Brochures as well as an editable menu so you can design and include information on your own plans for them. Most patients are drawn to the immediate benefits your membership might offer.

What's the difference between 'primary' and 'additional' membership plans?

Every practice on Health Assurance can offer primary plans, which are for patients without dental insurance. They include preventative and restorative care benefits you can customize. On the Pro plan, your practice can offer a second type of membership plan: additional plans. These plans are compeltely customizeable: you could offer additional benefits to patients with or without dental insurance, a cosmetic plan, or anything else your patients might need.

Can I set up family plans or group plans?

Yes, anyone is eligible to join, and the account owner can add multiple patients to their account and select a separate membership plan for each person.

How can my patients sign up?

When you sign up your practice gets its very own Health Assurance sales site where your patients can subscribe to the Health Assurance Plan that is right for them. You can also sit side by side with them in the practice and help them subscribe as needed—all you need is a device with an internet connection.

Can I do cosmetics or a VIP plan?

Absolutely! On the Pro plan, you can create additional benefit plans with any kind of benefit. You control the plan name, description, and pricing. You can now offer the great deal you’ve always imagined that will be a win-win for both you and your patient.

Can I exclude certain services from the memberships?

Yes, your Health Assurance site allows room for plan additions and exclusions in each plan description.

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